LeadershipClass Application

When beginning the application, we recommend you finish the application in one sitting, due to the nature of the page, which will time-out after a specific amount of time. If you require more time to reflect on any questions, please start your answers in a Word document and paste them in this application once you are ready to submit. This application is used for those applying for LeadershipClass, tuition cost is $2750.  Application fees are due at the time of submission.

The size and makeup of each class is carefully considered to ensure that it is broad based, representing a variety of professional, economic, social and ethnic backgrounds.  This means many highly qualified applicants may not be accepted the first year they apply.  We encourage you to re-apply should you not be accepted this year. 

Personal Information

Company Information

Home Address and Contact Information


Demographic Information

Application Information

Please limit all essay questions to 1024 characters


Tuition Waiver

In an effort to ensure class diversity, a few partial tuition waivers are available to support nonprofit and entrepreneurial candidates.  All applicants are responsible for at least 50% tuition. LeadershipClass tuition is $2750 and LeadingEdge tuition is $2200.  Tuition waivers are awarded solely on the basis of documented financial need and availability of funds.  Proof of financial need may be requested.


Dietary Restrictions

Should you be selected for the LeadershipClass, we need to know if you have any dietary restrictions as meals are served during program days. Please be as specific as possible or type NONE if you have no restrictions.

Other Accommodations


If selected for the program, are you able to commit to support LFW as an organization by being an active dues-paying member which includes:

(1) Paying Dues of $150 annually beginning July 1st of the year you graduate for up to to 3 years.

(2) Attending at least one Leadership Forum event per year during the 3 years following your graduation.

How did you hear about Leadership Programs?


Please provide contact information for one professional/civic reference.

Account Creation

After you have submitted your application, you will receive an automated email from our LFW Member Portal prompting you to create a username and password. Please click on the provided link in the email and follow the prompts to set up your credentials. Doing so will provide you future access to your LFW account where you can maintain your profile, register for events, etc. 


Once your account is established please log in to upload a head shot to complete your profile. Should you be selected for this years class, this image will also be used for the directory to be distributed to the cohort.

(Member login > What Do You Want To Do? > Upload a photo)